Jessica Phoenix said:

The Pan Am Games were so incredible.
Exploring traveled extremely well, both on land and in the air.
The BCAA paste is a great product!
Everyone was really impressed by his performance throughout the whole competition.
We finished 12th individually and the team won silver.





Dear Doug,

I just wanted to thank you so very much for producing such a fabulous product as 911 Emergency!

I have a 27 year old gelding who up until he had 2 teeth removed 2 weeks ago was in excellent health. After he had his teeth removed he obviously had difficulty eating. He was also on 10 days of antibiotics and bute for pain. His weight declined so rapidly. I was certain on Sunday I would have to put him down as he simply refused to eat. He was so weak he could barely stand.

I called all the feed mills to ask about any other kind of food that might entice him to eat. I was told I was feeding him the best of the best. I then called Pam at Road Apples in Hammonds Plains N.S. Pam insisted I come in and get a few tubes of 911 Emergency. I went out immediately and she carefully instructed me on how to use this.

I gave Scooter the 911 at 10pm on Monday night. By 8am the next morning he completely ate his breakfast and was looking for more! He ate 3 full meals before noon! No one…especially me…can believe the difference in him in less than 24 hours. It is my opinion that your product saved his life and for this I will be forever grateful!!!

He is literally changing right before my eyes! His eyes are brighter, his coat is shinier and his attitude for which he’s famous for has returned. What a fabulous product! Thank you doesn’t seem enough.

I just wanted you to know that there is one woman in Halifax who will make sure that everyone on the planet knows they have to have 911 Emergency on hand at all times! I only wish I had known about it sooner. My horse would never have had to suffer the way he did. Thanks so much again.

Ann Perry

The driver is Tim Haroldson of Melfort, SK.<br /> Tim is a successful participant in the Canadian Professional Chuck Wagon Association.Haroldson uses and recommends McIntosh Pro Line Products.

“I use electro-Blend to keep my horses well hydrated and up to par through the very hot Western summers.” “This new Airways 101 product is working well for my horses that suffer from allergies and bleed under stress”

Tim Haroldson





Bill Davis“I like Freedom I use it on all of my horses. It Works!

Bill Davis Endorses.

“I am currently using the Airways 101 on an older jumper and love it. Once we start our horses on it, we start seeing immediate improvements. I would recommend it in a heart beat!”

Angela Covert – Lawrence Top Equestrian Performer


“I purchased Airways 101 for my 10 year old trotter Earl of Brant. Since he has lowered his lifetime record and has won two in a row.”

Ella Ozinga (owner)

” I am using the Airways 101 on bleeders and horses with allergies. The results are great. I will be putting more horses on Airways 101″

Cassie Coleman (Trainer)

To McIntosh Pro Line,

I was a presenter at the Can-am show in London this past weekend with my two horses. It was my little mares second time away from home and although she had done well the previous weekend at the Expo in Lansing Michigan, I noticed her showing early signs of a mild colie about 10:30am. Immediately, I began treatment: 10cc of Banamine, topical peppermint and digestive oils and lots of walking within a half hour, she did not seem to take a turn for the worse, but i still felt she was uncomfortable. Her upper quadrants had very little movement and she seemed to be more concerned with her right side, looking at it frequently. Ten minutes before my first demo, I was ready to call the vet, but hesitated as I felt that leaving her behind with strangers… would be more stressful for her than simply taking her along with me to the demo arena and allowing her to wait there.
The demo went well, my stallion filled in for her as she stood by. When we returned to the stall she did pass a little gas and a few tiny balls and took a large swallow of water. Al through I was very happy. I still felt she was distressed and was concerned that she should be improving. I knew that it was possible that the Banamine could be making a worse condition. As it happened, Terry Jenkins walked past my booth and asked how all was going for me. When i told her of my mares condition and that I was contemplating calling the vet… she left and came back with a tube of your 911 product.
Within an hour , she dropped another smaller pile that had fibrin covering the manure balls and was interested in eating scraps of hay on the floor, so i gave her a very watery mix of beat pulp.
By the night time show, she was looking much happier and all quadrants sounded normal, she ate fine and later deposited her thanks on the stall floor.
Again, thank you for making a fine product. As you can see from my use of oils, I do like products that are more natural for the horse. Last year I performed in Truro, after the show i was given your company hat by a man whose horse I used in one of my training demonstrations. He said you had a good company. But i did not realize that it was for a equine health line… honestly, I thought it was for construction!
Hopefully, I will not need to use 911 in the future, but before i leave for home… I will pick up a few tubes!
My mother (and I when I am not touring) do a lot of distance riding. It certainly would be nice to have this available for our use for what ever situation we may find ourselves in!
Thank you again and of course I owe a lot of thanks to Terry and the Canadian Cowgirls!!
Sincerely, Tracy Porter and Twinkle

I believe your product, Emergency 911, saved my beautiful Thoroughbred’s life!!! 

My neighbor ( an equine massage therapist) and I were working on my mare who was in discomfort- laying down/getting up and running a lap / not eating with the other mares. There is no vet living in our town. My neighbor was giving Aurora homeopathic remedies and I was doing T-Touches, both of which helped and she would appear better, then another wave would hit and the cycle started again.
Finally I remembered I had the 911 in my first aid kit. I adminisitered the paste while she was lying down looking like she was going into shock! Within 20 minutes she was up, safely in a small paddock with another mare, and had pooped. She was calm, seemingly out of pain, and drank a bit of water. I checked her twice during the short night (it was now 12:30 am). The next day she was normal – back to being healthy as a horse. Now I have 2 tubes of 911 on hand, and will never again forget I have them! I will use them at the first sign of trouble.
Thank you so much for this product. My friends will all be buying 911 as well.
Sincerely, Jane Taylor Just Hors’in Around Equestrian Centre, Lillooet, BC

We have once again used your 911 Emergency Crisis Care Paste with great success and I thought it was time to let you know what a super product you have!

At the first sign of colic we have administered 911 and EVERY time the horse has come about on its own without the need for veterinary intervention. (We are aware that you advise calling a vet and in the past have done so – in both previous cases it has run us thousands of dollars and in the end the horse died anyway) Since then we have administered 911 paste, walked the horse(s), carefully assessed the situation ourselves and within 2 hours the horse has shown remarkable improvement and is completely back to normal within 6 – 12 hours. This has been the case with our hunter jumper pony, a miniature horse susceptible to sand colic (which we later learned its previous owner had spent thousands at the vet when it colicked the year previous to us obtaining it) and two older shetland ponies that don’t winter well.
We are amazed at how many people have never heard of your product and saddened that the only place we can buy it is in Kelowna at Diamond H Tack (we are located in Salmon Arm, BC). Anyway – just to let you know how much we appreciate your product and we recommend it to everyone we know that have horses.
Thank you!
Glenn & Jennifer VanCoughnett
Tink Farms
Salmon Arm, B.C.

To: Doug McIntosh

Doug, as a breeder and owner of racing registered thoroughbreds, I am writing to thank you for developing the wonderful Maximize product.
I began using the product last year for my horses at the racetrack, since I felt they required to a balanced supplement that provided easier absorption and digestibility. I was particularly impressed with the fact it also contained the antioxidant Gluta-Syn and Nutricran as a tool for fighting ulcers and the bacteria that causes them.
Last spring, I also began using Maximize for my brood mares after foaling. When my champion race mare Crimson Hue foaled she encountered some intestinal difficulties due to impaction. After treatment I began feeding her Maximize to stabilize digestion in her intestinal tract. She had survived major colic surgery in the fall off 2000 so I was wanting to be proactive in her gastro-intestinal health.
I now use Maximize after foaling for all my brood mares since the Nutricran assists in the reduction of urogenital infections following foaling and during the breeding season. In addition the balanced formula with improved digestibility makes it simple and effective to use at the busy breeding operation.
Dr. Brenda Abbey
February 21, 2005


October 7, 04


This full brother to Judge Cam has been on your Pro Line MSM and Maximize since January and looks it.
C. E. Lawrence


To McIntosh Pro Line,

“My name is Sandy, from Dettore farms in North Ridgeville, Ohio.
I put my weanlings on your Maximize about three months ago. I would recommend this product to anyone.
This winter has been so cold, below 0. Not one weanling has gotten sick. They have been running around like it 80degrees out. There muscle tone looks fantastic. I just can not get over how well they look an the energy they have.
I would like to Thank You for making me so Happy with my Babies.”


“Hi Doug,
I wanted to update you on how fabulous Flirt went at the Pan-American Endurance Championships in Trout Lake, Washington on Sept. 13th. We left Ontario on Aug. 30th and took 4 1/2 days to drive across the USA (43 hour haul). We stopped every night at farms or showgrounds, and Flirt looked great when we finally arrived. We had 11 days before the race to acclimatize to the temp. ( high 80’s) and elevation 4000′. I was very concerned with the possibility of a respiratory infection from subjecting her to so much change and stress, but she was 100% sound and fit. We rode the first 40 miles of the race at a careful and consistent pace, as I was concerned at how she would handle the elevation change during the race ( we climbed a total of 3800′). She was really eager and recovered within 2 minutes at each vet check so I let her out bit by bit. Despite the huge trip and elevation, Flirt pulled in a personal best 100mile time of 10hours and 10 minutes, and we finished in 10th place overall !!! I was amazed. We beat our best time by over an hour ! The morning after the race we stood for the best conditioned horse award, and although we didn’t win it (1st place horse got it) I was ecstatic with how bright and bouncy she trotted out for the crowds. I am so happy with how she is performing on your supplements, thank you so much for your support.I’ve attached a photo taken on trail during the race.
Thank you again.”
Wendy Benns


“Just wanted to update you on how my mare is doing on your products. I took her in the Aprilfest 50 mile Endurance Race on April 27th in the Dufferin Forest (near Mansfield). We won the race in 4:59 and she was awarded with the Highest Veterinary Score! I am obviously very happy with D-Mac and Turbo Charge, also, my mare was the only horse who did not come down with a respiratory infection after the flight back from Dubai.”
Wendy Benns
“100 mile Endurance Racing is the ultimate test of a horses’ health and fitness level. Long hauls, tough trails and fast races really tax my horses’ body. I trust “McIntosh Pro Line” products to protect my horse, boost performance and increase energy levels with quicker recovery times.”
Wendy Benns



“We use McIntosh Pro Line Products and they make a big difference.”
Wally & Danny Hennessey


Beebe Ranch – Custer, SD
Currently, I’m working with Doug McIntosh on my barrel horse PeeWee. At the beginning of summer, I noticed that he had become lethargic, was tying up, and his performance level had dropped drastically. I began using FREEDOM on a daily basis. Within two days, I observed more energy and after 21 days he went from placing at rodeos to winning!
I have been feeding ELECTRO-BLEND powder and paste to my barrel horse, PeeWee. This ensures top performance when rodeoing or out in the practice arena. By re-hydration he ingests essential nutrients which replenishes his system quicker. When riding PeeWee, I am impressed with the energy and stamina that he exhibits.
Gale Beebe
3 Time NFR Qualifier
Badlands Circuit Champion
Multi-Futurity Winner


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