McIntosh Pro Line Ahiflower Oil 1 Litre


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McIntosh Pro Line Ahiflower Oil will give your horse all the benefits of an Omega 3, 6, rich plant oil,

Ahiflower Oil supports exercise recovery, joint and ligament health, coat luster, and stress responsiveness.

McIntosh Pro Line® Omega Match® Ahiflower® Oil Supplement

The benefits of Ahiflower Oil
Many active and retired horses experiencing post-exercise stiffness, joint/muscle strain, respiratory
allergies, and skin challenges are recommended to try omega-3 supplementation. In horses and humans
alike, omega-3 deficiency prolongs exercise recovery time and suppresses a healthy immune
response. Ahiflower Oil has been shown to convert to omega-3 EPA and DHA in horses far more
efficiently than flax-seed oil. Ahiflower Oil for Horses supports your horse’s natural post-exercise
response for improved mobility and suppleness, while also supporting wonderful skin health and coat.

*Non GMO * Made in Canada