McIntosh Pro Line Ahiflower Oil 125 ml


McIntosh Pro Line Ahiflower Oil should be fed daily.

Small dogs (15 lbs 7 kg) 1 ml per day

Medium dogs (up to 50lbs 22.6kg) 2 ml per day

Large dogs (over 50 lbs 22.6kg) 3 ml per day

McIntosh Pro Line Ahiflower Oil contains only pure Ahiflower Oil (Buglossoides arvensis)

Why You Should Give Your Dog McIntosh Pro Line Ahiflower Oil
After protein, fats are the second most important part of your dog’s diet. Omega fatty acids are essential to a dog’s health.
The right fats can make your dog healthier and happier, reduce inflammation and create a soft, silky coat. They also
provide energy, control hormones and help with cell growth. Fats are even involved with the immune system, making
them essential for a healthy dog. Studies have even found that omega-3 fatty acids can help protect your dog from cancer.
Dogs need both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. And MPL Ahiflower Oil is the best all-around blend of both. It’s a rich resource
for the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that your dog needs to be healthy.

Why Is Ahiflower Better Than Other Oils?
MPL Ahiflower Oil is a nutritional omega powerhouse in a small package. It’s high in SDA, which converts to EPA more efficiently
than other oils. And EPA is one of the most researched omega fats, offering anti-inflammatory and immune
boosting properties.
MPL Ahiflower Oil is also full of GLA, which most other oils are missing. That’s important because GLA is essential to your
dog’s health. And it’s nearly impossible to provide too much GLA.
While there are many sources of omega fatty acids for your dog, MPL Ahiflower Oil oil holds more nutritional advantages than
other oils. Just look at how MPL Ahiflower Oil performs compared to other, well-known oils, both plant and ocean-based.